Update #1

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Update #1

Hello lovely people! We hope you're faring well in these trying times. 

We've been wanting to post something like this for quite some time to give you an update on the goings-on of Lunaris Games, but things have been a little crazy ever since we launched our Kickstarter for Errant Kingdom all the way back in September. SO MUCH has happened since then and it doesn't look like things are going to slow down, which means we're very lucky, but we're still going to try and take some time to talk into the void (or to you, if you're reading this). 

To say we've had a busy year would be an understatement, and with this unprecedented pandemic looming over all of our heads things only seem to have gotten a little loopier as we all struggle to keep ourselves above water with the added pressure of, you know... surviving. To get you up to speed on what we've been up to...






PAX West

We'll start with PAX West because it feels like the point where we actually sat back and went, "Oh, shit... we make games that humans play." That might sound silly to most, but we'd been living in a bubble since the initial release of WTNC in October 2018, so actually getting to immerse ourselves in such an incredible environment, surrounded by like-minded devs and game lovers alike, really solidified our place in this wonderful indie world.

We met some incredible people in the industry who we made fast friends with and we got to watch people's faces light up when they saw that slow-pan on Lucien's CG in the Errant Kingdom demo. There truly is nothing more rewarding to a game dev than seeing someone fall in love with your pretty demon up-close. 

While we were showcasing our demo at PAX/the Indie MEGABooth in the Visual Novel Reading Room, we also launched our Kickstarter campaign. In hindsight, that was probably a really silly idea, but the added exposure of getting to shout about it to thousands of people who passed by our booth every day gave us an incredible start. We were fully funded a few days before the end of the campaign and then watched the numbers continue to rise as we met some of our stretch goals. Our minds were blown, truly, and then reality settled in and we realized we better actually start making the damn game.






WTNC: The End (For Now)

In typical Lunaris Games multi-tasking fashion, while the Kickstarter was drawing to a close we were also hard at work on getting the final chapter of WTNC finished and released. Saying goodbye to that story was something that made us all incredibly emotional, despite knowing that we'd revisit those characters and that world again in the near future. We started WTNC as a hobby project as a team of three friends who had no idea what we were doing back in June 2018 and ended it as a limited company with 100k downloads, a #2 spot on the itch.io top games list, and a following of over 12,000 over various social platforms. To say we'd come a long way would be a huge fucking understatement, and shit finally 'got real.' 






Errant Kingdom: The Beginning

December rolled around quickly and, after a couple of months of solid work on the Errant Kingdom Prologue, we were ready to throw it into the world. But then game development isn't always that easy... at all, and we hit multiple bumps on the road to release. These bumps included bugs that crippled our custom save system which happens to be a very, very important part of all games, and also the incident we lovingly label The Steam Age Rating Fuckery. Both of these things set us back a good few weeks and, while we pulled our hair out and definitely shed more than a few tears of frustration, our wonderful supporters remained patient and excited. We released the prologue in late January and the reception was amazing and continues to be. To say we're grateful for your love and support is the biggest understatement ever. 

The Future

And now comes the 'what's next?'. The answer is... a lot. 

In January, after much debate, we made the scary decision to add a price to the download of WTNC. The game was finished and, while we were making money from our lovely and loyal Patrons every month and selling merch, we still didn't have any other income to fund projects outside of Errant Kingdom. As Director of Lunaris Games my number one goal is to pay my staff what they deserve every month, and that's been the same since we started and weren't making any money at all. We'd been lucky enough to have a steady stream of donations from people downloading WTNC on itch, even when it was free for a whole year, but keeping that up just wasn't plausible anymore. Thankfully the reception to that decision wasn't anywhere near as scary as we thought it might be, being the paranoid little indie team that we are, and our announcement also included the news that we'd be working on a re-release of WTNC, something we've been keeping a secret for months. 

This re-release will include updated and brand new art, a few little re-writes here and there (writers: have you ever re-read your work after a year and cringed so hard that you physically clip through the floorboards? Well... that) and a few other hugely exciting, life-changing (for us!) things we can't talk about yet. To help us with this workload we hired our lovely new artist, Nadine, who has already produced some incredible pieces for us that we're really excited for you to see. If you want to get an early peek at the new art then you can see over on our Patreon.

We also recently released the first of many mini-stories for When The Night Comes a lot earlier than anticipated in the hope that it might offer a distraction for some of our supporters. If you haven't checked it out yet please do! It's silly, horny, and doesn't really have much in the way of a solid plot, but it reads like a sitcom and feels like home if you love and miss our cast of monstrous, loveable weirdos. 

While we're working on that, we're concurrently hard at work creating the second chapter of Errant Kingdom which will be out in early May AND conceptualizing our third game. Yes, we love to be tired, but it's strangely what keeps us going.

From tomorrow we're going to begin posting a weekly 'Meet The Devs' series to give a little insight into who we are and exactly what we do, and we'll be sure to keep this page updated with anything we think might be of interest to you. If you have any questions then drop us a tweet.

In the meantime, stay safe and STAY HOME

Kris x

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  • Lawrichai

    Congratulation for all you’ve been achieving this far!
    It was worth the blood, I mean, the sweat and tears.

    Your games are a source of delight and inspiration.
    I look forward to everything you have in store for us.

    May your muse never fails you!

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