About Us

Lunaris Games is a queer indie development team with a passion for creating immersive, narrative-driven stories filled with diverse characters. 

We believe that representation matters, whether it be solving supernatural murders, or saving a kingdom. Our primary goal is to bring the stories & games to the LGBTQA+ community that it so sorely needs, and to do that with the love it deserves and that we have for it. 


We started working on our very first project, When The Night Comes, in the summer of 2018 as a hobby between three friends. With no experience in game development under our belts, we simply set out to make something we would personally enjoy and want to play. Our success with WTNC has been wholly unexpected, and we found our hobby quickly turning into something relatively serious, and thus Lunaris Games was born. 

    The Team

    Kris Wise
    Narrative Director, Executive Producer, Writer, Marketing

    Kris is our resident British cryptid and has been writing creatively for as long as they can remember. With a background in marketing and merchandising, as well as being our lead writer, Kris runs our day to day operations and never sleeps for more than four hours. If you can't find them hunched over their desk typing furiously, you may come across them in the local graveyard perched atop a tombstone, waiting for the night to take them back.

    Anna T.
    Character Artist, Concept Artist

    Anna is an incredibly talented young artist who resides in Athens. Her love for all things fantasy translates beautifully into her stunning, magical work. Her and Kris bonded over their mutual love of creating characters and they founded Lunaris Games together. She's often seen creating masterpieces on her iPad, but you can also find her basking on a rock in the middle of the ocean, attempting to lure sailors to their deaths.

    Lennox D.
    Character Artist, Writer

    Lennox is one of those rare eldritch beings who can both create beautiful art and write wonderfully, which, frankly, is terribly annoying. They live in Seattle with a particularly vocal cat called Sai who often interrupts our meetings with loud peeps. Rumor has it that if you look them in the eyes for too long, you might turn to stone... if you're lucky. 

    Kevin N. 

    Kevin joined us after a few chapters of WTNC, and we've since refused to ever let him go. His writing is evocative, intelligent and painfully witty; just like him. 

    Nadine L. 

    Nadine is our most recent addition to Lunaris Games. Joining Anna in the role of CG artist, she’s a very dedicated illustrator who creates art with striking light and beautiful scenes as well as characters. She currently lives in Florida but dreams to move to the west coast of Oregon to the redwood forests where things go bump in the night. During the day she’s more often than not sleeping but once the sun sets she’s up to actively drawing and charming people with her personality.

    Marina B.
    Background & Merchandise Artist

    We were all long time admirers of Marina's work, so when she applied for our background artist position, we all shit a figurative brick and cried a bit (a lot). Her beautiful backgrounds breathe life into our games, and her ability to go from 0 - feral REAL FAST whenever Dungeons & Dragons is mentioned is a true feast for the senses. 

    Jude White

    Jude is a normal human who stays far away from us because he's smart, but he's also the best Unity programmer in the land. He has the patience of a saint for putting up with us. 


    Email: kris@wtncgame.com