The Team

Lunaris Games is a small indie development team of LGBTQA+ and BIPOC developers with a passion for creating immersive, narrative-driven stories filled with diverse characters. 

We believe that representation matters, whether it be solving supernatural murders, saving a kingdom, or taking a deep dive into an eldritch horror infested world. 

    The Team

    Kris Wise (They/Them)
    Co-Founder, Narrative Director, Producer, Writer, Marketing

    Anna Tsagada (She/Her)
    Co-Founder, Art Director, Lead Character Artist

    Lennox Del Rosario (He/They)
    Character Artist, Writer

    K. Nguyen (He/Him)
    Writer, Community Management

    Nadine Lawton (She/Her)
    Character Artist

    Marina B. / Winsbuck (She/They)
    Background Artist

    Bailey Cooper (She/Her)
    Background Artist

    Toiya Kristen Finley (She/Her)
    Editor, Diversity Consultant & Advisor

    Souha Al-Samkari (She/Her)
    Voice Direction & Casting

    Dorrell Ettienne (He/Him)

    Jude White (He/Him)

    Edd Coates (He/Him)
    UI Artist